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May 2019



Samba was created by African people in Brazil from the music and dance culture they brought from Africa. Samba music is very similar to and has been influenced by many Angolan music genres, as well as many other Latin American music genres and dances. The term "samba" originally referred to any of several Latin [...]

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Bring 10+ people and your meal is on us*!... We can host parties for up to 50 people, so why not join your special day with an exciting dining experience? BOOK YOUR PARTY AT SAMBA BRAZIL - RODIZIO&GRILL *Birthday person must bring ID with birth date

IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY?2019-05-08T20:56:14+01:00

The Brazilian Passador


In the traditional Brazilian-style steakhouse restaurants, Passadores come to the table with knives and a skewer, on which are speared various kinds of quality cuts of meat, most commonly local cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and sometimes exotic meats. The exact origin of the Rodízio style of service is unknown, but the traditional story [...]

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March 2019



We are pleased to announce the opening of our newest Rodizio & Grill restaurant in Lincoln, UK, at Brayford Wharf North, LN1 1YW which will be open daily for lunch and dinner. Samba Brazil is a Brazilian All-you-can-eat restaurant service style and customers can expect to find up to 14 cuts of meat, including [...]

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