Brazilian “All-you-can-eat” Style

Samba Brazil is a Brazilian Rodizio + Grill with an “All-you-can-eat” restaurant service style. Customers pay a fixed price and the Passadores regularly come to the tables with skewers of various quality cuts of meat, most commonly beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and sometimes exotic meats.
The meats are served right off the cooking spit and are sliced at the table directly onto each customers plate several times throughout the course of the meal. The customers can signal when they want to be served again, or if they need a break. The signalling is done with a provided coloured card. Green side up indicates to Passadores to keep bringing meat. Red side up indicates that customers have enough meat for the moment.



At Samba Brazil you can find the most famous Brazilian cocktail: Caipirinha, a refreshing cocktail mixing fresh limes with sugar, topped with a shot of Cachaca and finished with crushed ice. For the beer lovers, Samba Brazil provides Brazil’s favourite beer, Brahma Chopp, a light beer with the classic mouthfeel of a lager and medium alcohol content. Customers can also enjoy a selected range of red, white and rose wines from France, Portugal, Italy, Argentina and California.
For non-alcohol drinkers, Samba Brazil suggests Guarana Antarctica, a delicious caffeinated soft drink with a fresh and fruity taste, made from the guarana berry, found in Amazon region, Brazil.

Our Customers’ Experience

Stunning ambience, very authentic Brazilian dining experience, lovely service and amazing food!

Jenisa Jay

Just had the most amazing meal for my son and daughters birthdays staff so friendly helped with birthday cakes singing and playing instruments made it a day we will never forget.

Chris Marsh

Great service and fantastic food and went that extra mile when they knew it was a birthday meal looking forward to coming back.

Tomasito Arroyo

Me and my partner came here last night. Staff were very attentive, second to none! Food was amazing and meat was cooked to perfection. Clean toilets were lovely also! We will definitely be back. Thank you for a lovely night.

Leanne Edwards